Monday, 10 March 2014


Last weekend I headed back my home town for a little reunion with some good friends. My best friend has never seen where I am from so I invited her along to get a taste of the north.

My favourite thing to do while I am home is to treat myself with a visit to Bettys tearooms. I guess it's pretty 'Yorkshire famous' with a just a few locations around West and North Yorkshire but I never realised until I went to uni that people from the south don't know about Bettys...and that upsets me. 

The menu included the most amazing cakes you will ever taste, gorgeous brunch and lunch options with a Yorkshire-Swiss fusion and exclusively produced teas and coffees. I went for the China Rose Petal tea this time and loved it so much I had to bring a bag home with me.  

This time we went all out and had brunch. I went for my new favourite the Florentine Breakfast Rosti - potato rosti, field mushrooms, roasted tomatoes topped with poached eggs and breadcrumbs

Sophie is a big fan of the London afternoon tea scene and Bettys definitely got her seal of approval...of course!

I'm not really sure why I don't go home more often...