Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Last week, after a few dramas (one of my travel buddies losing her passport, to be exact) and a very early start, I took a much needed holiday to Corralejo, Fuerteventura. I didn't really know what to expect apart from the usual Spanish tourist town but I was in desperate need of as much sun as I could possibly get in February and for that the Canaries are the place to go. Turns out, Corralejo is beyond perfect! A small town set on a sandy coast (fun fact: the sand blows across from the Sahara) with a enough of mix of surfers, hippies and skaters to make me weak at the knees. Here are a few snaps from my trip...

The hotel was paradise and actually looked exactly like it did on the photos I saw when booking...

...Which I fully made the most of because it was actually hot enough to lounge by the pool in just a bikini almost everyday

When the clouds came I headed out to sample some local cuisine. By cuisine I mean...SANGRIA

I haven't had such good food on holiday for a while but the Canarians really outdid themselves. The main reason being this caramelised local goats cheese with blackcurrant jam, caramelised onions, walnuts and strawberry, with mini toasts. It has literally changed my life!

A couple of days in we stumbled across Waikiki beach and headed to the bar. I was followed in by about 20 hippies who quickly started dancing to my favourite Zumba tracks and I fell in love with the place, not to mention the frozen strawberry daiquiris were to die for! That was enough for me and I pretty much stayed there for the rest of the holiday!

...Until I headed for the airport to wait for my future husband...

...And remember kids...

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  1. ahh I'm still so jealous of your holiday! The hotel looks lovely, def going to have a look at that one - makes a change when a place actually looks like it does online!
    Also agree with you on the food front - I've never eaten so well on a holiday! xx